Monday. I went into Lieutenant Morrison’s office after a quick breakfast. The potatoes tasted odd, but I didn’t really care because it was the last thing on my mind. I passed by Second Lieutenant Epps. I forgot to salute him; I’m not used to saluting him. He, like always, scolded me (“you must salute and […]

“Today is no longer a day of mourning. Today is a day of action. The Barkers will not tolerate these vicious killings—not here or in any other city, Barker or non-Barker. Murder is murder. I have spoken with the family of Isabella O’Dell. Their only desire is that the suspected killer, Jordan Norman—” Jordan Orman […]

That was a weird day. You see, every other week, on Tuesday, someone stole a light bulb from my store. I run a home supply, so there are entire rows of shelves dedicated to light bulbs, but this guy wanted to steal the one screwed into the ceiling. It didn’t bother me too much financially—light […]

Corbin They call it a “land train”. Clever, though I’m sure few people out here know the meaning of the word “train”, and all trains are on land, anyway. It’s a very large bus with a closed cockpit, kind of like an airplane. Technology and infrastructure out here in the dustbowl is still lagging far […]

Sure, it’s obvious that most people don’t like us; we’re the Erasmos. Sure, it would be helpful to create some goodwill in the cities we claim, especially the one we just captured, but a blood drive? That was Chief Varnum’s dumbest idea yet. He thought we could put a tent outside of city limits and […]

So it has happened: winter has gripped the Realm. This at last disproves the Emerson Academy of Science’s theory that temperatures remain constant. Sure, as far back as the records go (which is about 255 years), one could easily figure out that the temperatures have remained at a constant average of 63°F, but that was […]

“Sorry I’m late. The new security guard insisted on giving me a very thorough search, and I’ll leave it at that.” Judge Morris zipped up his robe as he walked in. He was rarely ever late, but blaming Wilkins, the new security guard, was completely understandable; he’ll strip search you even if all you’re carrying […]